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Final Countdown!

To no one's surprise, 'Final Countdown' has been the ringback tone on my phone all week. It's finally here, and I have a to do list that began last November finally almost all checked off. In the last week I have:

Finished my job at Home Depot; Filed for Loan Deferment; Granted Power of Attorney to my parents; filled out the beneficiary/life insurance paperwork for PC; taken my last 2 tests for my 3rd Spanish class; Gotten a copy of my medical history/immunizations & current prescription from my doctor; convinced my insurance company to allow me to get a 3 month refill of my prescription; Bought the last few items on my list; partied with many MANY amazing people; Packed up almost all but the basics for storage; Created a mountain of things to pack in my duffel bags.

Tonight, I write a 6 page paper on Panamanian art (in Spanish!) to make up for the last few weeks of Spanish Class I am missing. Then, tackle this Environmental Health HW I've been assigned. Tomorr…

Let Me Catch You Up

I recently gave out this blog address to a bunch of new people, so in hopes that some of them actually come check out the blog, here is a summary of what is going on without needing go back through the last 20 posts...

I started applying for the Peace Corps 2.5 years ago, and finally received an invitation to serve in Honduras last fall. After increased violence in the country, they cancelled the Honduras program and we all had to get reassigned. I was given the option of Mali or Panama, and after a really rough 36 hours, I picked Panama. I was then placed on Medical Hold for a few months while I got all the correct vaccines needed, and I finally got the email about staging and booked my plane ticket for DC on April 2nd. I am leaving for Panama (via staging in DC) in 8 days, and will be working in rural communities rehabilitating water systems and teaching about water related health issues until July 2014.

Also, I just updated the 'Contact Me' page with my address, so please c…

Still Leaving

I feel like I have been leaving forever. And I have. I said my first major goodbyes until after PC when I left Santa Fe last August. AUGUST. Then Corrie in November. A few more at Christmas time. A couple scattered here and there in early 2012. A bigger one to all the Chicago people in March. Now, they are a regular, daily occurrence. It's not a bad thing. I mean, no offense to all of you wonderful people, but I am not emotionally distraught or upset about any of them. The first were too far away, the current ones don't feel real. Because leaving is still too far away. I'm still terrified that any day I am going to get a phone call from the DC office and they are going to cancel my assignment. Again. It's illogical, I know. But that's how it is.

I am just tired of leaving, of being in this waiting, transitional phase. I feel like I should be busier, more stressed about leaving. I have a lot of things to do...but not really. Pack up what I didn't put in storage …

New Tablet!

I m writing this post from my new Samsung Galaxy 10.1, a tablet that was waay more trouble than it should have been to get from Best Buy. It is so pretty and has lots of cools apps. As someone who has never had a smart phone, this entire thing is fascinating and awesome. It is going to be a vital piece of my adventure to Panama, and I am excited to get a handle on how this works. For example, right now, I am typing this on the blogger app which will hopfeully make it very easy to post updates!
I also got a cute dress and some great business casual slacks that are both going to be durable and lightweight. 30 days!
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