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The longest 'DAY' of my life...

I did it. As of today, I am now one day closer to my actual leaving than I have ever been before. On December 16th,2011, when my Honduras invitation was cancelled, I was 66 days from departure. Today, on February 25th, I am 65 days from departure. That was the longest 'day' of my life. It was constantly frustrating, like re-writing that thesis paper after your computer crashed. Knowing you had already accomplished this, and that yes, it should be easier this time because of that, but also knowing that there are other things you could have been doing if this hadn't have happened.

But it's over. I'm back 'on track'. I can count the number of weeks left in this country without needing to use my toes. I'm hopeful, and even letting myself get excited again. This might just really happen. That is so awesome.

In the longest 'day' of my life, I was pretty productive too. I earned 5 more paychecks from Home Depot, I finished another Spanish class, I got …

10 Best Things About Life Right Now

When it's hard to get through the day-to-day grind, it helps me sit down and force myself to focus on the good things in my life. Listed below are ten of the things I like/love about my life right now that I couldn't say were true when I was in college. (In no particular order.)
1. I like that I can get 8 hours of sleep every night. It takes some advance planning, but I can make that happen regularly without catastrophically messing up my life. And even if I do stay out a little later at the gym, it's rare that I get less than 6 hours.
2. I like having time to make myself food. I can cook and play in the kitchen and make myself food that I genuinely like, that DOES NOT come from a box when I want to, that not only then makes a great dinner for my parents and I that evening, but fuels my lunches for the next several days.
3. I like getting off of work at 3pm. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday this means that I then have 2-3 hours of afternoon time to run errands, take naps, go t…