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A Stroll Across a Bridge

Day 10- August 16, 2015
A morning rainstorm and physical exhaustion from crossing the country on public transport kept us sleeping until 10am. We finally got up and started figuring out the details of the border crossing. Ben planned the first few days of the trip while I made oat pancakes and eggs. We received news from our travel buddy Seneca that he had been offered a job with the EPA! We were excited for his opportunity, but disappointed as it meant he wouldn’t be joining us as the third musketeer.
Leaving Changuinola at 12, we arrived at the border by 1. Whilst getting the stamps and tax paid was not intuitive nor straightforward, crossing into Costa Rica was as simple as strolling across the bridge. The moment seemed so anti-climactic. I stopped halfway across the bridge and looked around. This was it, after living in Panama for 3.5 years, I was leaving, and all I had to do was walk across a pedestrian bridge. There wasn't even any mud to contend with, border police to argue w…

Crossing the Isthmus

Day 9- August 15, 2015
Up at 6, we ate quickly and were in the bus terminal at 8. Disappointed to find there was no daytime direct bus to Bocas, we settled for the longer Panama-David-Changuinola route. After 11 hours on a bus, the last 5 of which were incredibly trying due to an over packed bus going through mountain passes, we collapsed into beds at the Volunteer house of Chang just before midnight. Ben felt sick, I was exhausted, and it was raining. 
On the way, we finalized our travel adventures wish list. Adventures should include, but are not limited to:
☐Scuba Diving ☐Zipline ☐Tequila Night in Mexico ☐Visit at least 1 PCV per country ☐Climb an Active Volcano ☐Cliff Jumping ☐See Aztec Ruins ☐See Mayan Ruins ☐Swim in Lake Nicaragua ☐Artisan Markets ☐Art Museums ☐Theatre & Concerts ☐See a Jaguar ☐Ride Sea Turtles ☐More Scuba Diving ☐Visit a Brewery ☐Get Lost in the Jungle & Survive by our Wits ☐Kick it with the ‘Gente’

The Third Goodbye

Day 8- August 14, 2015
Maybe my host brothers were on to something- I woke up on the floor. My knots loosened in the night so my day started with my back straddling uneven floorboards and my feet up in the air. It’s a great way to start a travel day.
We dashed off to see Victor before breakfast. We took pictures with him and his family and he gifted us GIANT cucumbers. All four of them were 3-5 inches in diameter. Diameter, not length. Back at Yuli’s, we had a fried breakfast smorgasborg of fried tortillas, fried corn mash, fried dough, fried plantains, cucumbers, and coffee.
My last visit was to my second host family, the retired pastor and his wife. We chatted for awhile and he ranted about the terrible water system project the government had installed. He was right, it was a terrible system for the community, but every other person in town had ranted to me about it in the last 36 hours so I had trouble mustering up empathy. I gave Jorge a Spanish/English Bible, each page listing th…

Claudia's Special Day