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You've Got Mail.

Another letter from PC, but not THE letter. They apparently need more info from my doctor about my stomach condition. (When I don't sleep for 4 days, survive on diet coke and gummy worms, and endure high stress situations like tech week, my stomach produces extra stomach acid to compensate for the increased activity levels and then after awhile I get crazy intense stomachaches. So I have this magic little pill that I take when I am or think I am going to be stressed and all is well with the world for the most part.) They just need a few more forms about what it is and a doctor to officially say that I won't die from it in a 3rd world country. Going to see my physician tomorrow...let's hope this only takes 1...maybe 2 trips this time around!

'Hold please.'

Welcome to my Peace Corps Blog. I began this adventure by starting my application over Thanksgiving Break of my junior year. At the time, I was not sure that I really wanted to do PC, but knew it couldn't hurt to start applying and see where that took me. Two years later, I have fingerprints on file with the FBI, have filled out stupidly large amounts of paperwork, spent a semester tutoring ELL Kindergarteners, braved a snow storm and then hid in a light booth to do my 2 hr Skype interview, arranged doctor's appointments in Santa Fe while working 60 hours a week, am now taking Spanish classes at Metro Comm. College, and will be getting my passport in the next few weeks.

All of this, and I don't even know where I am going yet. I got a notification on Friday that says my file is currently under review. Hopefully that means I will get an official assignment soon. Last May I was nominated for South America starting in February working in Rural Health, specifically Water System…