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Looking for Owls

I feel like an 11 year old waiting for their Hogwarts letter.

Officially Qualified for Service!

I got a phone call today from the Peace Corps Placement Officer to schedule my Final Interview. Because I am working a LOT for the next 5 days, he asked if we could do it right then. At my momentary hesitation (read: PANIC) he offered to call back in half an hour. So I agreed to that and then spent 30 mins running around my parents house trying to eat breakfast to calm myself down, texting my friends and brother, and downing caffeine to try to get myself focused. (I'd been awake for all of 15 minutes or so when I got the call, could you tell?)

After the 35 minute interview, pretty similar to my first PC interview, only about 1/4 as long, he told me I WAS QUALIFIED FOR SERVICE and that I would be working in Water & Sanitation in Central or South America with potential departure dates ranging from Jan 01-March 31. I will get an email in a week or so confirming the specific month, and then a few days after the email should get a packet in the mail with THE COUNTRY and THE ACTUAL …

Patience Is A Virtue

I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to thank you for your updated application materials, which I received today and added to your file. Your application is now with an Assessment and Placement Specialist pending a final suitability and skills review. You can expect to hear from us within the next several months.
Thank you for your continued interest in Peace Corps.

Surprise! More Paperwork!

It's a good thing I am a stage manager, otherwise I think that this relentless stream of paperwork might have gotten the best of me. I received an email yesterday from the Office of Placement wanting updated resume info, a profile of what I have accomplished in the last few months, a letter from my Spanish teacher, and my final college transcripts.Sending those in this weekend, then:

'Once you submit your updated materials, your file will be passed along to a Placement Specialist, who will be in touch with you about a possible invitation to serve in the weeks to come. However, because of the budget situation outlined above, it may take some time before you hear from your Placement Specialist regarding the final evaluation of your application.'

Ohh PC. Always leaving me with enough vague ambiguity to keep things interesting.

Also, I got a job! It's just a money maker, but hey, it's something. Home Depot cashier for the win!

Baby Steps

"The Office of Medical Services is please to inform you that you have been medically qualified for service and the Office of Placement notified...You will now move to the next step in the process, the Office of Placement."

Yay! I still don't know where I am going, when I am going, or what I am doing, but I am one step closer. For now, there is nothing more I can do until I hear from PC again. So I continue the wait. Pazienza. Pazienza.

Look out mailbox, you're not out of the woods yet.