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I'm Going to Tanzania to Talk About Sex. And Poop.

Even a Luddite can master click bait. But seriously, my application essay for GETI was about sex and poop. Or rather, the stigmatization of these issues. Here it is:

New Adventure, Familiar Feelings


I am reviving my blog as I begin a new adventure. But first, some housekeeping.

1. The Central America Travel log is not lost! Although three months of stories are missing, I have them written down elsewhere. Someday when my academic survival doesn't rely on weekly readings and papers, I will have time to blog for enjoyment again.

2. I also went to Cambodia and Vietnman and didn't blog it. Photos and stories are stored for safekeeping, I promise!

3. If you were an avid blog reader before, you may notice some pages from the site are missing. They reflect a person in transition. A woman who has finished her full-time life in one country and is still working out who she is in another. I took them down to do some hard-core reconstruction work. Ya know, with all my free time.

So here we are. On the eve of another adventure. The nervous/excited rush feels both nostalgic and new. Where are we going this time? Why?

The answer is Arusha, Tanzania. For the Global Ecumenical Theol…