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Happy Halloween!

I have never missed a month when it comes to updating my blog, but October almost got away from me. With just 12 hours left in the month, let's see if I can get this in just under the wire.

Normally I write out a post in my journal by hand while sitting in site, type it up the next time I have use of a computer or feel particularly motivated to hack it out on my tablet, and then save it to the USB to upload to the internet on my next trip to the internet cafe.

October was busy, so the hammock sitting, writing out the post never happened. So here I am at the internet already, skipping steps 1-3 and feeling a little rushed about it, haha.

From September 23 to October 5th we built 5 latrines from 8am to late afternoon, every day. Those 5 latrines are currently in use and the next 5 latrine owners have their materials ready to go so that we can begin building again as soon as the hardware store sobers up after celebrating the country's Independence Day this weekend.

My women LOVE …