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Suddenly Christmas Happened!

In my site, other than my secret stash of candy canes that I had hidden from the kids (that the roaches and ants still found), my pine tree scented candle, and the dish towel with a little Christmas tree on it from my Grandma, it is very easy to forget that it is in fact not July. However yesterday, after a crazy adventure getting out of site with a flooded out road and needing to get half a dozen small kids and a dozen gas tanks cross a 100 yd stretch of almost knee deep water, I picked up the BIGGEST care package box and raced to the bus stop. It started to feel like Christmas when I got on a NICE bus with Ben and I thanked him for waiting for me (for almost 90 min, as 2 previous buses left for the city) by splitting the rest of my cookies and chex mix from my birthday package a few weeks ago.
I believe in Christmas miracles because I experienced on firsthand when as we stopped at our first border poice checkpoint and a longline of SENAFRONT soldiers ran out of the barracks, packs in…