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Life Keeps Happening

It's a funny thing. Every day I wake up and life just keeps happening. It's astonishing really.

So, my tablet died, again. I wrote literally 15 pages of stories to post. It was going to be happy reading time for all! Then a few days ago, I turned my tablet on and it only gives me a black screen. It's a fun time. So...going to be in the city this week to see if they can be recovered. We'll see. Not gonna lie, not hopeful. The stories will happen someday. I'll have years in the US to recount them. :)

Until then, I hope all is going well. The next few months and weeks will be insanity until the finish, so all thoughts, prayers, positive energy and warm wishes are appreciated as I finish my 2 year adventure in the jungle and prepare for my next adventure stateside. Tentative arrival to the US is August, for now. It's going to be a roller coaster, but I am excited for it as well.

Also, I think I am going to be doing some EPIC international traveling on my way home v…

I am Still Alive

I have roughly 7 half-written blog posts in the works. Life is good, but stupid busy somehow. Get excited for the stories.

Peace, love, and gaff tape.