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Top 10 Moments of 2013

1. Introducing my American Family to my Embera Family! (Dec)
2. Girl's night out in Panama City with my friends from the States! (June)
3. Getting the email that my project was funded! (August)
4. My beach birthday party: Dolphins and bonfire! (Nov/Dec)
5. Watching Team Verde unify and work together to win the olympics at GAD camp! (May)
6. Family dinner at Aja's with Settlers and Pumpkin Bread (Oct)
7. Taking Crazy Mike's boat out on the lagoon with the kids on the Kusapin Peninsula (Feb)
8. Watching 30 families compete in Jeopardy for my Epic Health Seminar- they learned things! (Mar)
9. Talking to Playona's first 4 graduates about their plans to continue their education! (Dec)
10. Watching my map painters show off their new world knowledge! (Jul)
11. Having 60 kids show up to the Ultimate Frisbee workshop! (Sept)
12. Looking out my front porch and seeing 3 new composting latrines every morning!
13. Waking up to a "rain blizzard" on Thanksgiving morning and…