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Is This Real Life?

I'm currently 5 weeks away from staging and I am starting to think that this Panama thing might be legit-for-realsies. I mean, I have already said half a dozen 'see you in forever' goodbyes, bought a tablet for this adventure, (samsung galaxy tab 10.1) and am desperately counting down until I get to put in my 2 weeks notice at work. (10 days!!!)

I have faxed my Yellow Fever Vaccine paperwork in, started my home stay and language assessments, and the APCD interview. Basically, all of that is just a bunch of paperwork with essay-like questions asking, 'why did you accept the invitation?' and trying to get a rough idea of where I am at with my Spanish.

Speaking of Spanish, my Conversations class is great. We took our first test on Thursday and it went really well. We are basically learning about the history of Spain, and having discussions over related themes, in Spanish. I love it, and am doing really well. Spanish still gets me into trouble sometimes though, particu…